Signet Agriculture Management and Investment S.A.

Signet Agriculture Management and Investment S.A. is a Panamanian Corp. or S.A. It was created to formally manage and invest in farms for profit either for the firm or for investors. The principal of the Firm is Guy Craig who has a long background in Alternative investments in the 80's. 90's and 2000's. He formed and managed Onshore (U.S.) and Offshore Funds which were involved in multi-manager CTA Commodity and Hedge Funds. Some of the Funds were ranked by media to be the top return funds for risk versus return. Mr. Craig feels that Managed Agriculture Investments have the best risk/reward returns for an investor at this time. Mr. Craig has been involved personally in the growing of tropical trees and plants at his farm in Redlands Florida and as well as his home in the Bahamas for many years. He has now melded his hobby of tropical agriculture with investments. Mr. Craig has accumulated many experts in the field of tropical agriculture and feels he has a team second to none in Panama and is already proving it by providing as an example by creating one of the most modern guanabana tree-farms in Panama.

Tel:          507-6887-6028 (Country of Panama)

Address:  Avenida Las Huacas, Los Naranjos
                Boquete Abajo, Chiriqui, Panama


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